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Toe Jam Edit

"It's Toe-Jam on the mic rolling out on my bike"

About Edit

Toe-Jam was once a member of a rap group known as The Karate Kamikazeez. He worked with Cee-Pus and made cool music for cool pals and buddies. He made the decision to quit the Karate Kamikazeez and the group was disbanded shortly after. It is unknown where he is or what he is doing now.

Early Life Edit

Not much is known about this man, but we know he grew up homeless, living in and out of homeless shelters. He dropped out of school in the second grade and ran away from home to become a rapper, he teamed up with another school drop out to make music, and was a success until he quit the group due to a big barbosa.

Crustyness Edit

Toe Jam in his name and picture alone reflect how crusty he really was. He never washed his hair and ate Goo 4 You for every meal of the day.

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Fun Facts Edit

-Owned 2 pairs of crocs

-Took baths in milk

-Got rich off of ticket money and bought a house-mouse

-Has seen Bofa

Known Aliases: Grinny Pig, Toe Jam, Grinny, Jam, Pussy-Pig, Kyle-Mile, XboxG33k109.
Organizations: Karate Kamikazeez, Jdawg N the posse. 
Prominent Features: Big Forehead, Vampire Teeth, 1$ Sun glasses.
Relations: Cee-Pus (Homie)
Weapon(s): Glocks N socks, Karate moves, Stick to hunt Goblins.
Vehichle: Bike
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