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T-furr Edit

"Spitting fire bars flying at you like guitars"

About Edit

T-furr is an awful rapper that has been caught up in many beefs and has been in a collab with Petco Town Savages on the song, Traapin yo Bitch. He got in a fight with a 6th grader and lost.

Early Life Edit

T-furr was a dog at Petco that nobody ever wanted or purchased, because of this he was sent to the dog pound and mte up with Grinny Pig, they made a song shortly after T-furr was locked away in a cage and shipped off to Dog Island.

Fun Facts Edit

-T-furr has never made a friend

-T-furr is a Bulldog that has mental issues that cause it to not make friends

-T-furr is obese and short

Known Aliases: Trevor, T-furr, Oompy, Dube, Dubester 
Known Organizations: FKC
Prominent Features: Gut, Height, Nasa Jacket, Independent Hat, Skateboard 
Relations: Willy Wonka (Father) 
Weapon(s): Skateboard that he tried to hit the 6th grader with, Vape, Kick.
Vehichle: Skateboard
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