Petco Flow 'Real Snug' Edit

About Edit

Petco Flow is one of the songs that makes the Bought EP special. It tells a story about when Grinny Pig was sleeping with his owners wife. The cover for Petco Flow is also the cover to the Bought EP.

Lyrics Edit

Sneak right in w yo wife,

Get in real snug

Skeet skeet skeet

You can find in the section called “Reptile”

See me hop out the cage and run down the aisle.

Right to yo girlfriend house,

Put my dick in her mouth.


I’m known to be cold blooded they say I’m amphibian

I got claws and teeth you can call me armed citizen

I bite the employees when they try touching me

If someone gonna buy me Imma make that nigga bleed.

Me and your wife tho, she bought me from the petco

Keep it lowkey so the husband don’t even know

Crawl around in the pussy like a gerbil running in the tubes

Imma Hit it once, Hit it twice, ion even use no lube

Call me king of the guineas with my 2 teef

I sneak in yo wife bed hit her w the skeet skeet

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