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Lil Soto Edit

"I had to sleep at bus stops and churchs, yall will never understand what real fucking hurt is"

About Edit

Lil soto is a rap beast that is high 22 hours of the day, the 2 hours that he isn't stoned he is making dope music. He has been featured on Petco Town Savages (Doom Guy) and makes new tracks on the daily.

Early Life Edit

Very little is known about Lil Sotos past other than that he ran away from middle school and hid in Stenger. He lived in Stenger for 2 1/2 years of his life and spent the rest in the hood or in smoke shops. He visits Petco once a week to help break out some of the animals.

Quotable Lines Edit

"You know bitches love it when real niggas be on they hood shit"

"Me n my brother did everything together, and all the times that we had it replays forever"

"Hope your doing good man where ya at, hows ya life been? do you got them racks?"

"I want you to know that I really cared, and through all the bullshit, I'm still here"

"I'm killing all these niggas, man I'm running all these drills, I don't fucking shoot to play I motherfucking shoot to kill"

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Known Aliases: Lil Soto, Soto, Anthony 
Known Organizations: Petco Town Savages (feature)
Prominent Features: Bulls Hat, Blunt,  
Relations: All the bitches (What he gets)
Weapon(s): Knife, Sparkler.
Vehichle: Lambo
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