The Karate Kamikazeez Edit



The Karate Kamikazeez (Toe Jam and Cee-Pus) were an underground Hip-Hop organization late in the summer of 2016. They ended shortly after created and never got to complete their album, The Grime Times.

Songs and Projects

The Karate Kamikazeez Released only 6 songs with a music video and 2 other bonus songs that were recreations of the previous 6. The Karate Kamikazeez had a well built fan base and got tons of bitches and hoes. In their one music video they can be seen walking around a shopping complex slinging dope, fucking bitches, and getting money.

The Rise and Fall

The Karate Kamikazeez began and ended in July of 2016. They were created to show kids that being cool dudes pays off, and they were ended due to complaints and barbozas. It is unknown what ever happend to the legendary Hip-Hop duo.

Quotable Lines Edit

"When we step into the mall, all these punks follow but Jam N' Pus are undercover like a Gestapo"

"G-G-G-G-G-G, Grime TIME"

"I'm the lunchable theif, gotta love that cold we beef and tastless gra-ham cracker, don't ever mess with toe jam the rapper"

"Scott wants ant to call him dad and ant wants scott to be a chunk funk"

"Chunk funk, Sleep on the top bunk, 4 seats, I sit in the trunk"

Known Aliases: The Karate Kamikazeez, Karate Kamikazeez, KK, Toe Jam & Cee-Pus
Prominent Features: Bad Quality, Vampire Teeth, Sunglasses, Rats
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