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Grinny Pig Edit

"Me n ya wife tho, She bought me from the Petco"

About Edit

Grinny Pig is half of Petco Town Savages. He has worked on various projects including, Bought EP, Petco Flow, Geenyus Vlog and much more. He can ften be found fucking yo bitch.

Career Edit

Grinny Pig has been in the rap game for around 5 years, for all 5 of those years he has been working with his boy Beaver God, they have made tons of music together and can often be found double teaming yo mom in the bed. Grinny has had features with many other artists including: Wonder Child, Lil Soto, and T-furr.

Early Life Edit

Grinny Pig has lived a tough life, he was living in and out of Petco and many animal shelters throughout his life, He teamed up with Beaver God while stuck inside an aquarium back in 2012. They have been sticking together ever since and have created and lost many friends, one of which was named Seabass and has had 2 songs made about him. Grinny Pig has been purchased and returned to Petco many times, the most prominent case in which he was found sleeping with the owners wife, which he has mentioned in many songs and even created an entire song about.

Fun Facts Edit

-Has never one a game of air hockey

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-Plays Basketball

-Fucks yo girl on a day to day basis

-Co-founder of CK Blast

-Will rake your yard for 50$

-Rides a bike

Known Aliases: Grinny Pig, Toe Jam, Grinny, Jam, Pussy-Pig, Kyle-Mile, XboxG33k109.    
Known Organizations: Petco Town Savages, Karate Kamikazeez, Jdawg N the posse.       
Prominent Features: Receding Hairline, Mia Khalifa Glasses, Greasy Hair, Its Lit Hat  
Relations: Bubba (Father) Beaver God (Brother) Seabass (Friend) Your Wife (His Bitch) 
Weapon(s): Glocks, Draco, Uzi, PS4 Controller, Nerf Gun, Sock, Diss-Track, Super-Soaker, Torture, Hair Grease, Pizza Socks.                                            
Vehichle: Impala with the Shuffle.
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