Cee-Pus Edit

"The name is Cee-Pus I'll make you get out the way like we on a feet licking bus"

About Edit

Cee-Pus was a rapper art of the notorious 2 man crew, Karate Kamikazeez. He owns rats and water guns and can often be found in the sewers playing with the rats.

Early Life

Cee-Pus started his rapping career in a group called 'Ratz with Rackz' the group was disbanded shortly after creation and he teamed up with another grime named Toe Jam, and they founded the Karate Kamikazeez, a shell and inspiration to many hip-hop groups today.


Cee-Pus eats a lot of grub and he eats dinner every night with his rats. He leaves the dinner table and goes to eat with his true family, the rats.

Fun facts

-Will fight anyone

-Will spray ya mom with his super soaker

-Loves rats

-Has seen bofa

Known Aliases: Cee-Pus, Chuckles, God of death 892.
Organizations: Karate Kamikazeez, Jdawg N the posse. 
Prominent Features: Vampire teeth, Headphones, dollar store glasses
Relations: Toe Jam (Homie)
Weapon(s): Water Gun, Karate moves, Stick to hunt Goblins.
Vehichle: Feet Licking Bus.
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