Big Soto Edit

"Spit a couple bars freestyle up on a track, Lil Soto, Big Soto you know we all about them racks"

About Edit

Big Soto is the larger version of Lil Soto, that presumably raised him. Gave him food and scoobs. Lil Soto to show his respect and love for Big Soto wrote an entire song about how he misses him and is still there for him.

Reunited Edit

In order to fulfill the prophecy Lil Soto and Big Soto need to both be in a room together smoking and freestyling, this is why you gotta, "like subscribe share, keep it poppin" so that the two Sotos can meat again and globally end poverty and world hunger with the money they will make as a rap group, "2 Soto 4 Big Toe"

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